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Book Reviews

Teo Leonard

The Twenty book is great! Sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and no distractions. Do what Steve...
The Twenty book is great! Sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and no distractions. Do what Steve tells you to do in the book, when he gives you an "assingment" It took me a day or two to do my "twenty" list. I have met Steve and he has allowed me to realize what I REALLY want and NEED in a relationship. Contact Steve and schedule an appointment with him. His advice is truthful and caring and really makes you wonder why you have never realized why you have continued to keep choosing to be with the wrong person. He is also excellent speaker for groups or one on one. Steve is worth every dime.Buy the book schdule him for yourself and/or a group. Unintended Casnova on Amazon is an erotic novelette of the coming of age of a man who never intentionally seduces a woman but instead get seduced and taught how to make love to women by women. His openness and willingness to learn makes his journey a delightful read that delves into the thoughts of women and what they want from their man , their sexual desires and their almost hidden needs.