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4 Great Exercises To Do When Tanning that you might not do otherwise.

When you crawl into the tanning bed do you just lay there? Why? Did you not think about using that time effectively?  Here are four great exercises to do when you are tanning.

It doesn’t take much to know that we can all do more tummy firming ab work but most of the time it is so hard to get off the sofa

1) Leg lifts. – lift for twenty. then lift and separate for twenty

2) Leg Extensions- draw knees slightly in – don’t bump them on the top too often – and extend. twenty repetitions

3) Torso Lifts – simply lift your body in a half crunch – don’t bump your head too often.

4) Glute Squeezes – tighten and firm your butt by squeezing and releasing your butt cheeks. Together for twenty and separately for another 20 each

Voila! You are getting better while tanning and not just laying around.

Tan & Exercise with

Tan & Exercise with