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A Bug Should Never Be Your Curtain Holder

and other things we argue about.

Listening to a recent argument between a couple brought out again how crazy each of us are and how we argue about the little things.

A couple was arguing because she had bought those things that tie curtains back from hanging straight down but instead anchor them against the wall. No, most men do not know what those things are called. But as he sat down in the bathroom he looked up, saw a giant bug, jumped up and kicked at it crushing it against the wall. As it fell, clattering to the floor, he found himself staring at a fake plastic bug hanging on a chain. Well, now it was broken and laying on the floor.

When he explained to his wife what had happened, instead of laughing at him being frightened by the bug they argued about, why in the world would you put such a thing in the bathroom! Well, why would you break it!

Notice I did not use question marks at the end of these sentences. These were not questions. They were argumentative statements. And neither one was helping the situation.

Do you see how silly this type of argument is? What would you say to them?

Now ask yourself this, what was your last argument about? I believe most arguments are about things that are just as silly. People tell me those are symptoms of a greater problem.

I have not found that to be true in many cases. People seem to argue about ridiculously insignificant things. We argue about who will take out the trash, who will put away the dishes, who put what where and why? We argue about, who’s turn it is to pay when it all comes out of the community bank account (even if they are separate accounts).

We argue about who is ready and who has to wait. We argue about what restaurant we will go to or why someone doesn’t make a decision.

What was your last argument about?

And, if you knew, that the very next argument would result in your partner leaving you forever, what would be worth arguing about?

Yes, arguments have their place. Yes, there are good and bad ways to argue and you should be taught how to argue.

That is why I made the course, the ‘Learn to Win School for Relationships’ that not only teach you how to argue but teach you how to love and all of the things we need to learn to make sure we live a life filled with love, passion and romance.

I hope you have found your love and I hope you continue to learn to keep is alive and exciting.