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Happiness, to me, is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or goal.

I’ve delved into studies spanning nearly 75 years on happiness and longevity. Who doesn’t want a longer and happier life?

What these studies uncovered is quite straightforward—people with fulfilling personal relationships tend to be happier and live longer. It’s a bit of a “DUH” statement, isn’t it? Finding those wonderful relationships should, theoretically, lead to happiness.

But here’s the catch—if that’s true, why haven’t I found one? Why hasn’t a relationship that fulfills me and keeps going come into my life? We’ll explore that later because, surprisingly, that’s only part of the equation. Happiness from relationships is clear, but they also found that shared goals and dreams contribute significantly to happiness. Your partner doesn’t have to share your dream vacation spot, and it doesn’t diminish your love. A great friendship, whether with your spouse or someone else, adds to your happiness. They can pursue their interests, and you can pursue yours, yet still share that wonderful thing called intimacy.

Watch this video, and you might find your happiness. Go ahead, click it, and then come back.

Now, if I know that a great relationship can make me happier, why don’t I have one? Or maybe I do, and I just want it to be better.

The answer is simple—it’s the same reason most of us don’t fulfill our dreams and goals for our lives. We’ve been taught not to pursue them. In my workshops, I teach people how to pursue and find their happiness, just like how a rose doesn’t have to be red in a drawing. But here’s the kicker—we’ve been told since we were little not to do, not to try, not to pursue. When we were young, they said, “Listen to your parents.” But when do we stop listening to them?

I’ve seen this in my college teaching days. Students would dream big, but when asked if they thought their parents had similar dreams, they’d say, “They can’t. They have responsibilities—mortgage, car loans, kids.” Many admitted their parents hated their jobs, but quitting wasn’t an option because of benefits, pay, time invested, and being just ten years away from retiring.

In my workshop, I address all these issues—the “I can’t,” the responsibilities, feeling trapped. After my course, they realize they can live their dreams, find more happiness, and create their lives.

It’s all possible and more!

If you want more happiness, more success, more laughter, more love, more passion, and more adventure, then you should come…

I’m Steve Sapato, and I can help you make your dreams come true.