The Twenty, book, is written to help you find the truth of
why you are still struggling in your search for that wonderful partner.
When you read The Twenty and do the excercises you will
discover the real reasons you keep dating the wrong people.

How To Find The Success Of Your Dreams

And Enjoy Life


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Steve is a life coach with decades of experience. He can teach you how to be more successful in life and in business. What is it you really want? Steve can teach you and coach you how to get it all if you really want it.

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With Steve Sapato – author of the two top selling books, The Twenty, things you need to learn in order to find the love of your life and stop dating all the wrong people and Become The Go-To Person For Your Own Success, you will find your path, your motivation and your strength to succeed in life as never before.




If you could have anything in life what would that be worth to you?


I ask this because so many times when I have counseled with people I have found that everyone says they want something but seldom are they willing to do something different in their lives to make it happen. Invest in yourself and in your family. Invest in your dreams and your success. Contact Steve today to change your life and start living in joy.


How about you? What is it you want? Do you want LOVE? hearts


Do you want HAPPINESS?


Hi! I’m Steve and I have taught hundreds of classes and I ask this question – Do you want to be happier, healthier, and have better relationships? –


And almost every time, every hand in my audience goes up. But when I ask the second part, the hands falter and in many cases never go back up. After all, it is a very difficult second question. It is the question that keeps most people from ever achieving their dreams and goals in life. That question is –

Are you willing to do at least one thing to make that happen?


Now I am asking you – are you willing to do what it takes, to break this cycle you are in and do things to make your life better? Are you willing to do at least one new thing to find the love of your life and the happiness of your dreams?


We have all dreamed about what life would be like if we could find that one person who we could love and who would love us. You have, haven’t you? We watch the movies and read the books and listen to the experts when they say it is all possible.


But none of them ever seem to give you specific directions on how to make that happen.


I can’t tell you how many times I bought a book, tape or CD that said, YOU CAN BE A MILLIONAIRE if you will buy my book. And none of them gave me specific things I needed to do to become a millionaire. None of them said, here is the blueprint to your money. None of them gave me the Golden Key. They were all generic formulas and generic advice with too many quotes and not enough substance.


I can’t tell you how sick I am of that kind of misleading self talk. I am going to work with you so that you can become happier and healthier. I am going to commit to you that together we can find the things preventing you from being in a wonderful, fulfilling relationship or from having success in your working life and family life so that you live in happiness the rest of your life.


Would you like that? Is that one of your dreams?


I am not some fly-by-night info-preneur who wants to take your money and run. I wrote my books a reason. I wanted to help you find the love, success and JOY!

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I personally interviewed more than 2400 people before I wrote The Twenty book. Do you understand how rare that is? As I have read and listened and watched all of these other studies they use data-bases in the dozens of people and once in a while maybe hundreds of people in their study. I personally interviewed more than 2400 individuals and couples to find out why our love lives were not working. I learned from them and also from reading dozens and dozens of other books, watching seminars, studying the ‘experts’ and I found out that I really was one of the experts because I had done the work, done the research and spent the time.


And I, along with a few staunch friends, have been my own guinea pig. I tested, worked, and embarrassed myself into learning what worked and what didn’t. I lived what you are living.

Single, alone, feeling bad about myself, thinking I would never find that love, thinking I would always be alone. I sat for days sometimes and called myself names, chided myself into horrible emotional states of feeling sorry for myself and cursing who I was.



I belonged to all of the dating sites. Went out on hundreds of dates and in my interviews I LEARNED what people wanted. Discovered statistics from my own research that suddenly lifted the vail of events and began to clarify why you and I were so frustrated, angry and hurt.


And I learned the ‘secrets’ that helped me to find the love of my life.

And when I share my business coaching it comes from decades of owning and running businesses, failing, growing, succeeding. Mentoring and being mentored and I will tell you this, the difference between success and failure in business is having the right business support, coach, mentor. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Would you like to find your happiness and the love of your life? Would you like to succeed in business without limitations?

I discovered the things that were holding me in the place I most wanted to get out of-in my personal life AND in my business life.


I learned how to trust the input of others that led me to a place that I could not see on my own. 


Would you like to free yourself? Would like to be loved and even adored? Would you like to be successful and make a lot of money?


If you are experiencing any of these feelings; if you want more happiness in your life, if you want to find the love of your life as I have found mine, if you want the success that you have dreamed of in your business then you should join me in one of my coaching programs and discover for yourself the joy of living.


Would you like to –

-have the power to take control of your life?


-find more happiness in your everyday life?


-discover how to release your old feelings of hurt and mistrust?


-create the partner you will one day call ‘the love of your life’?


-rediscover the wonder of your joyous creativity?


-become the person who stands tall and has the power to be you?


If you said yes to any or all of those areas then I encourage you to sign up NOW for my coaching!

How To Find The Love Of Your Life and The Happiness Of Your Dreams

When should you start? How soon do you want to be free of your past and creating your future?

How soon do you want to be open to finding the success you have dreamed of?


My coaching will change your life forever!

And when you finish it I won’t be the only one saying, I BELIEVE IN YOU! You will be saying


If you have read this far then you know you want more out of your life. You have decided that your life needs to change and more importantly, that you want to change. I love when someone knows they want to change. Life grows immeasurably when we decide. 

Package One – Online Coaching with one 90 minute weekly call and emails to help you answer your basic questions, hear other questions and learn what it will take to move forward in your life. 

 $497 for three months to start the change in your life


Package Two – Personal Coaching via phone calls and emails with additional personal coaching with Steve. Offering two private coaching calls per week for three months (regular price $2500), goal setting projects and personal achievement markers. (Normal cost on personal coaching is $2500 for 3 months).

Now only $697 for this package.


Package Three – Six Full Months of Personal Coaching with Steve (regular price $5000) Now only $1897 for 6 months of personal coaching with Steve.


Package Four – ONE FULL YEAR of private coaching with Steve, to help you achieve your dreams. PLUS ONE WEEK of In Person Attention to jump start your program with sit down goal setting and personal information learning to help you even further. Where you will get to come to Sacramento and work with Steve personally for seven full days. One year of coaching is normally $10,000 to guide you on your journey to finding your dreams but for this special it’s only $4997.


Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of LIFE?


Wouldn’t you like to love madly and know it’s the right person? Wouldn’t you like to take the fear out of the relationship and know that this time you picked a winner. Or wouldn’t you love to find your real path to success and break out of the place you have been for far too long?


Go ahead, click on the button and register today.


Your heart will thank you for it for the rest of your life.

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