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Drinking on a first date? Should you or shouldn’t you?

Drinking on a first date?

First dates can be intimidating. Should I do this? Should I ask that? What are the right things to do and how would I know?  Read on!!!

First things first, be yourself! If you normally get a drink as your before dinner routine get a drink! If you normally have to step outside for a smoke after dinner but before dessert, go smoke! Be who you are all of the time. Be authentic. Be, YOU! but here is the other side, if you, like to get a glass of $18 champagne after work, do not make the man pay for your expensive habits. Be reasonable. Remember, this is a first date not a let’s take advantage of the poor schmuck who happened across your profile on Match dot com.

And, come with some knowledge of the days issues. If that means you read the headlines of the newspaper for two days before your date, then read. If it means listening to the news to find out there actually was a game seven of the NBA playoffs, then watch it. Be prepared to have a conversation. Be able to talk and smart enough to know some answers. Be able to agree and also be ready to disagree. I don’t mean argue for goodness sakes. I mean have your own opinion. If that opinion differs from your dates opinion be prepared to openly discuss those differences and stop before it gets heated.

I had a date, who after we hit it off over drinks and slipped into dinner steadfastly said, if you don’t hate this presidential candidate then we cannot date. She told me that three times and insisted I share with her that I hated this person until I finally asked if she was serious. When she said yes, when I ordered I specifically told the waiter, separate checks! Why should I buy someone dinner who no longer was interested in dating me. Obviously that date ended fairly quickly after that.

But you understand what I am saying. Be who you are but don’t be offensive, argumentative about differences or belligerent in your ideals.

Be yourself, the you that you would like everyone to know is you and possibly not the you who actually is.

HAhahahaha I know, that means you probably need my course, Learn to Love relationship school, and you need it soon.

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So, until next week, keep becoming the person you want to date or the person you would like to meet.

I am Steve Sapato from of The Happiness Agenda. Tune in and be part of the fun.