The Twenty, book, is written to help you find the truth of
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When you read The Twenty and do the excercises you will
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Happiness is a choice and you can choose to be happy.

I was single for almost eleven years and during that time I learned once again that happiness is a choice. That’s one reason I started my podcast, The Happiness Agenda which shares other peoples stories of how they survived and grew and learned to be happy¬†..

Now I get to ask you, are you happy? Are you excited about life? Are you finding your smiles and giggles every day and looking forward to each day?

When I do my seminars I am always challenged by members of my audience who will say things like, you can’t always be happy Steve. Things happen and things upset you and things and people and and and …

Yes, so true. But if what you do is look for the happiness you can almost always find a little glimmer of happiness and joy and love. Yes, I do realize there are some situations that are terrible but I am not talking about those 1% times. I am talking about your every day, your daily routines, your normal times. And in those times we get to choose to be happy or not.

I constantly meet and run into or brush shoulders with people who are unhappy. Those people seem to want to ruin it for other people too. And if you let them they can ruin your day. If you let them.

Those unhappy people are the whiners in your life. The complainers at work. The sulkers at home. Those are the angry people who give you the finger in traffic, the shoppers who yell at the clerks or servers and the relatives who always want to say negative things.

The question is what do you do to insulate yourself from those people? How do you deal with them and not allow yourself to get caught up in their bad attitudes. Because, it seems to me, the reason they are the way they are is because they are miserably unhappy. Oh, they will tell you they aren’t unhappy. They will tell you it’s just the circumstances that make them that way.

Really? I know loads of people who go through much worse circumstances but are almost never in a bad mood, grumpy, rude or hostile. So what then is their real reason. Please note I said reason, and not excuse. There is no excuse for being ‘that way’. There is always a reason to be nice, friendly, warm, fun, interesting, in a good or great mood, happy, inviting, congenial. And if you can find those reasons then you will also find a way to be happier! And along with happier, studies show , comes healthier, longer life, better relationships and stronger bonds of friendships and love.

So I ask again, are you happy and excited about life?

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the beauty is in the moment