The Twenty, book, is written to help you find the truth of
why you are still struggling in your search for that wonderful partner.
When you read The Twenty and do the excercises you will
discover the real reasons you keep dating the wrong people.

Love is never easy until you master the art of love

Until you master the Art of Love

is something no one ever mentions. Do you wonder why? It’s because almost no one knows this secret to love.

Why does love seem so hard to find? It should be so easy.

I think that was what the California Gold Miners thought when they heard about the ‘gold in them thar hills.’ It was a mad rush to California to start picking up all of the gold they thought was just laying around to be taken.

What they found was that there was a technique to finding the gold. There was a process and there was preparation and there was hard work involved. And it depended on where you might look. Some panned for gold while other mined for gold and others dug for gold.

Well, the same is true with love. We all expected that love was just something we were going to find and according to the movies, once we found it, we would live happily ever after.

Isn’t that what you expected too? Especially when we were young and impulsive. But that isn’t the truth about love at all, is it?

If you have completed my 4-Part Checklist for love then you already have a great start on finding the person who will be your perfect match and the love of your life. If you haven’t completed it, then you should.

There is lots to learn. If you don’t believe me ask yourself these questions… ‘when was the last time I actually read a book that would help me clarify and find love? When was the last course/class I took where someone taught me about love?’

If you are like most of us you answered, never. Because that is the common response. And that is what almost everyone I have met since I wrote my book, The Twenty, answers at every book signing or seminar I speak at.

If you have NOT completed my 4-Part Checklist for Love then you need to start there. Maybe you can complete it before the ‘Learn To Love’ webinar to give you a better understanding of love. And a foundation for our journey.

Is love really what you want? Then simply ask for my 4-Part Checklist and get started.

And I will look forward to sharing with you on August 25th. There will be a replay but you have to be registered to get it.

Have an amazing and wonderfilled week!


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