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Love – It’s all about them….

Today is THURSDAY! A day to finalize some things and make sure you are ready to finish things up on Friday so you can enjoy that weekend. One of those things is your partner… make sure you make them feel loved and appreciated. Make sure you are ready to make them smile on Saturday morning… a sweet surprise? A small gift? I wonderful adventure? Show them you love them by planning… yes, planning, something special.

When you plan something special you are telling them how much you care, how much you love them, how much you mean to them.

And when your partner understands that you care enough to plan then they will reciprocate with offering you things that will make you feel more loved also.

I know, but Steve, what if my partner doesn’t do that? Why should I do that for them if they won’t do that for me? What if they don’t reciprocate? Why am I always the one doing all of this? When will they do it for me too?

And my answer has always been the same… do it because you understand love. Do it because you have read the Five Love Languages and really ‘get it’. Do it because you love them. And I hope that you will feel better because you did that for them.

And if they don’t reciprocate. If they don’t do it for you. If they never will, never have, and don’t… then know that you are sharing your love in a way that makes you feel good about being you. And, after all, loving yourself and being true to yourself is much of what life is all about.

Then, maybe one day, you will see a change in them or maybe one day they will meet someone like me who says, wow, you should be doing this for your partner. And maybe, one day, they will surprise you with a glimmer of what you have been giving to them.

But until they do? Remember to be you and love them the best way you know how. And smile because you are so amazing.
P.S. And remember guys, some ladies love coffee in bed or at least that you thought of them that much. author of The Twenty -relationship book and several other ebooks available on