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Professional Speakers Academy

Speaking can be exciting and fun! Are you afraid to speak in front of your peers? Are you wanting to get better and be more confident in front of any group? I can help. Create confidence. Create energy. Tell great stories that others will be sharing because you told them in a way that they enjoyed listening. If you need to be a better speaker then I can help.

I am great at helping you be great at being you. 30 years of teaching and 40 years of speaking have made me confident that I can make a difference to you.

Drop me a note at or call me at 563-370-4938. Let’s chat.

Dates of training will very. Training cost is only $1500. Because, I don’t need to get rich teaching you to be happier and more confident.  Join me won’t you?

Contact me for your personalized speaking training to be more comfortable in front of your office groups, your organization or to learn how to make money speaking.