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Stop Boring Speakers from ruining your event.

Whenever I sit through an event, bored to death, I wonder, who hired these speakers?

If these speakers are your employees, who didn’t train them. Each time someone speaks to your people they represent your company, your organization, your values. and they have to hold your peoples’ attention. That does not mean they have to be entertaining but they can’t be boring, mundane or even uninteresting. That means those mind-numbing events, meetings,

That means those mind-numbing events, meetings, training, conventions, conferences could be ten times more enlightening simply because your people won’t have to fight to stay awake.

Why not hire someone who is not only a great speaker but who knows how to get your message across by using stories, anecdotes, relational events that your people can relate to. Talks that involve, energize, excite and talk about what they have learned. Controversy stirs the imagination and that controversy can come from a simple challenging question. A single story that fires up their memories, their ideas, their desire to not just succeed but excel.

Have you ever been in a boring meeting? Have you ever wondered why? Any topic can be energized. Any training can be imaginatized’ and brought to life so your people are excited to grow.

Isn’t it time you hired a real professional speaker? One who can bring every opportunity to life?

Maybe it’s time you hired a trainer who can train your people to be exceptional speakers? Train them to light the fires under their people, under their clients, under the company simply because they learned how to be great presenters.

What are the most hated words in any company? Time For The Meeting.

Don’t ruin your next conference because you didn’t hire the right presenter. It’s time to hire Steve Sapato, the most famous unfamous speaker in America. It’s time.

Contact Steve Sapato for fees and scheduling. Book a guaranteed time to chat via his calendar or call him directly at 563-370-4938 Pacific Time Zone applies.

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