The Twenty, book, is written to help you find the truth of
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When you read The Twenty and do the excercises you will
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Wrinkles make you beautiful. The power of aging beauty.

How many commercials do we need to watch where the skin care companies promise youth, promise to remove the wrinkles, promise but do not deliver.  How many surgeries have we seen go wrong with celebrities who are almost unrecognizable because of those surgeries.

And then we find a few celebs who seem to use age to their own enhancement. We find the Helen Mirren’s’, the Sean Connery’s and many more. Who take their aging to the next level because of who they have been to us over the years, sexy, attractive, real people. And we accept them as they age.

Why not now teach our children to age gracefully. That age, wrinkles, beauty is within us and not with those who look at us. Why not teach ourselves how amazing we are, how attractive, how handsome or beautiful we are just as we are no matter our age.

Look at all of the advertising we see as companies tell us we cannot be attractive without their products to lift and fill and smooth and …


Is our beauty really only skin deep? Is our attractiveness only as solid as our next de-wrinkle cream or our next face lift or our next lap-band surgery?

Or is our beauty really within us? Yes, it would be great to look youthful even as we reach retirement. Yes it would be wonderful to look like we did when we were thirty. But, part of what makes people attractive is how they mature, how they come of age, how they become more attractive.

Maybe, instead of worrying about which wrinkle cream to spend forty or four thousand dollars on we should look inside of us and stop looking at the commercials.

I have found that no matter what I do, there will always be someone more attractive than I am. Haven’t you? That even if you are a Raquel Welch, Taylor Swift, Christy Brinkley or Helen Mirren, or a Brad Pitt, McDreamy or a Sean Connery there will always be – the next beautiful thing.

Instead why not be who we are, stop struggling with our age and start embracing it.

As I have written by books and done my research I have found one of the big problems is that we worry our partner will find the next ’young thing’ to run off with. Instead of buying the hype about our youth, why not invest in the hipness of finding more ways, better ways and continuing ways to show our partners how spectacular they are to us. If we make them feel loved as they want to feel loved then maybe we can all admire the beauty of youth but not desire it because we feel so loved that nothing could take us away.

I am Steve Sapato author of The ‘Twenty’, relationship book and founder of the ‘Learn To Win’ seminar series that can change your life.